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Here’s what you get. Our lifetime flat tire repair service includes a safety seal repair – where we seal off the damaged area from the inside out – and a liquid patch... See more
Length: 0:46

When our technicians bring your vehicle into the bay, they don’t just change the battery. We use state of the art equipment to do a total evaluation of your starting and charging system.
Length: 0:39

Scheduling a tire rotation is one of the simplest things you can do to make your tires last longer. Rotating your tires extends the life of your tread and your investment. Plus, you may even improve your gas mileage.
Length: 0:31

A tire gauge is all you need to make sure your tires are inflated to the right pressure. You can pick up a tire pressure gauge at Pep Boys for a quick, accurate reading.
Length: 0:32

With our Battery Protection service, we chemically clean the terminal ends, install acid-neutralizing washers and apply a protective coating, all to provide a durable barrier to reduce... See more
Length: 0:27

Have a car with more than 75 thousand miles? High mileage oil helps protect your vehicle with specially formulated additives to protect gaskets, reduce consumption, and minimize sludge build-up.
Length: 0:27

You can go with the Pep Boys Conventional Oil Change as your basic pick or upgrade to the Premium Conventional Package with either Castrol G-T-X or Pennzoil. These name brands are reco... See more
Length: 0:33

If it’s time to replace your brakes, the Basic Plus Package may be the right choice for you. One of our technicians will do a thorough brake system evaluation. They’ll resurface your rotors, and then install new lifetime brake pads.
Length: 0:38

Our Premium Synthetic oil change offers technological advancements for better performance in today’s smaller, more efficient engines. ...
Length: 0:50

An alignment service protects your tires and makes driving safer. One of our technicians will fully evaluate your steering and suspension. Then we make adjustments until it’s back within your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications.
Length: 0:40

If you’re looking for a full service brake package – go Complete! When you choose this service, a technician will evaluate your entire brake system, resurface your rotors, ... See more
Length: 0:36

Pep Boys has the expertise and tools to keep your AC system in tip-top shape. We offer everything from a simple inspection to a full maintenance of your air conditioning system. In ad... See more
Length: 0:46

Worn out steering or suspension parts can compromise the handling of your vehicle. If your vehicle pulls or drifts to one side makes noise when turning or riding over bumps, or if the steering feels too loose or too tight, Pep Boys has a solution.
Length: 0:44

Your car’s shocks or struts take the brunt of every road bump. A worn out suspension system can ruin a vehicle’s handling and comfortable ride. If your car is at roughly fi... See more
Length: 0:51

Getting your oil changed regularly helps keep your engine running strong. At Pep Boys, as part of your oil change service, we’ll install a new oil filter, fresh oil, and even rotate your tires if you’d like. ...
Length: 0:33

Getting your tires properly balanced can extend tire life and make your ride a lot more comfortable. When you take your car to Pep Boys, we’ll mount each wheel on a computer-cont... See more
Length: 0:36

With this brake package, one of our technicians will do a thorough brake system evaluation. They’ll resurface your rotors and then install new lifetime brake pads. Our service ad... See more
Length: 0:31

If your vehicle is pulling toward one side or the other, it might need an alignment. Tires that are not aligned get worn unevenly, and get a lot of unnecessary wear and tear which can ... See more
Length: 0:31

If your brakes squeal or vibrate when you stop, Pep Boys can end that, with the Precision Match Brake Service.
Length: 0:47

TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, alert you if you have unsafe air pressure in any of your tires. These monitors are installed in your wheels, and alert you through a symbol on the dashboard that looks a little like a flat tire. ...
Length: 2:34

If you've ever wondered what those numbers on the sidewall of your tire mean, Pep Boys has the answers. Learn how to read the tire numbers to help you figure out the size of your tires, and much more.
Length: 0:30

When it's time to replace your brakes, the Pep Boys Basic Brake Service Package is a great option to get you back on the road safely.
Length: 0:29

If you're looking for a full service brake package -- go Complete. The Complete Brake Service package from Pep Boys includes everything needed to repair and replace your car brake parts.
Length: 0:36

If your car is vibrating at high speeds, or you notice your steering wheel shaking, your tires might need to be balanced. Balancing tires makes the ride smooth, and much more comfortable.
Length: 0:37

If it's time to replace your brakes, the Basic Plus brake package might be the right choice for you. The Pep Boys Basic Plus brake package comes with new brake pads and an extended warranty for your peace of mind.
Length: 0:33

If your car has more than 75,000 miles, the Pep Boys High Mileage Oil Change Package is a great investment. Older engines are more likely to experience wear and small leaks.
Length: 0:23

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